Personalized methacrylate keychain with name

Personalized keyrings with name or text

Name-shaped keyrings give a new twist to the concept of personalized keyrings. In this type of keychains, you decide what name you want to appear. It can be any word or text, as long as it is within the character limit. We will make you a keychain with the silhouette of the name you have sent.

The keychain is made of high quality, thick methacrylate, and will be shaped like your text, with a very smooth finish to make it pleasant to the touch. In addition, you can choose between different color variants, and between different fonts, so that the keychain is totally to your liking.

The measurements are variable, depending on the length of the name or word you enter. In any case, the maximum length is 8 cm. and the maximum height, 3 cm. The size of each letter will vary depending on the name. This way, if the keychain contains a 3-letter name, the letters will be larger than if the keychain had a 12-character name.