Colour ceramic mug
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Colour ceramic mug


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€9.01 Tax excluded

  • Measurements: 8ø x 9.5 cm.
  • Ceramic mug. Capacity: 325 ml.
  • Crisp full color printing.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Full print to the edge.

Personalized mugs: a star gift

Our best-selling personalized mug: the ceramic mug. Create cheap personalized mugs, with your photo outside, and choose the color you want for the interior part.

Holds 325 ml. and the impression is total. This means that your photo or design will cover 100% of the outside of the mug (except handle). Therefore, they are personalized 360 degree mugs with a spectacular final result.

High quality and original cups. Make yourself a fun and original mug with the photo you like the most or any design or phrase.

The mugs are a gift that never fails, for several reasons:

Everyone uses cups. For breakfast, for a coffee or an infusion ... it is a basic in any home.

It's economic. For a very low cost you can order your personalized mug, with shipping to the address you want.

It is emotional. You can create a mug with a photo to remember a special moment. At each breakfast you will see the photo, and that is a good way to start the day. Or you can put a funny phrase, to start the day with a smile.

360º total impression

Elsewhere they just let you customize the "visible" part of the mug, something like a third of its surface. In our online store you will be able to personalize the mug with total printing.

At the top, you will be able to customize 100% of the surface, up to the very edge of the cup, both above and below.

And as for the contour, you will personalize the mug in 360º except for the handle part, which will be white.

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