Documentary management

We take care of the reprographic and printing services of the company and offer the customization and adaptation of the service to your needs, with the option of performing the services at the client's facilities. We have professional staff, with equipment that is continually renewed to incorporate the latest technologies, and with the most efficient management systems. Digitization is the process of converting physical originals into digital form. The digitalization system of Copy Drana, S.L. It consists of the photographic capture of texts, images and objects by means of a scanning system, and the subsequent conversion of these files into digital format. With this process, the information is registered in the support that the client uses (CD-ROM, hard disk, etc.) or directly to the network, so it can be retrieved and consulted from any medium with an Internet connection.

We digitize all kinds of documents, images and objects, without their size or format representing a limitation. With this system, the customer can save up to 75% in filing and storage costs. Convert your fixed expenses into variables and pay only for what you need.

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