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EPUB (or ePub) is the acronym for electronic publication and is the current standard for electronic book publishing. Files of this type have the extension .epub and allow to contain text and images in a format that adapts to the readers' screens (they allow to change the letter, size, etc.) to facilitate their reading. This makes reading more comfortable and similar to that of an ordinary book compared to other formats such as .pdf. The EPUB format is for file distribution and sharing. Everything works by representing, with an adaptable structure, content specific to a website such as HTML5, CSS, SVG, raster images grouped into a single file. The ePub is a fairly comprehensive format and a format widely supported by e-book readers currently on the market. At Copy Drana S.L. We turn your work into an ebook. To publish with us you just have to send us a text file. We convert your work into an eBook compatible with all current reading devices.


The format is an .epub file, a container (like our .app applications) that contains three fundamental files: Open Publication Structure (OPS) 2.0: It is an XHTML document (on which the websites are based) that determines The structure of the publication also has the style linked through a subset of CSS, called OPS Style Sheet, which is found in the OCF. Open Packaging Format (OPF) 2.0: Determines the structure of the .epub container itself.

It is based on XML and is made up of two files: An .opf that contains all the metadata of the publication, from the title and language to where the style files and the text that determines the content are located. A .nxc that contains the table of contents (worth the redundancy), that is, the chapters and where they are located. OEBPS Container Format (OCF) 1.0: Another container, but this time with some relevant information: the content.

It is a ZIP compressed file where the files that make up the publication, text, images, stylesheets, and anything other than the above are here. Once the structure of the .epub is seen, it remains to say that everything is based on web standards, so any web programmer could, without exorbitant effort, make a .epub manually, although luckily there are tools that allow us to do it without having to touch anything Of code.

Let's see the advantages first, since it has a pretty good pair when it comes to choosing it as an e-book format: it is a standard and is based on standards, which guarantees compatibility between all the systems that support it, without any strange effect ( like selecting text within a PDF, which is totally unpredictable).

It necessarily uses Unicode encoding, which guarantees that there will be no text encoding problems, what is written in Japanese will be seen in Japanese and what is written in Spanish (tildes and ñ included) will be seen in Spanish, without any non-existent characters. It is a dynamic and expandable format, supports text and images, even videos that can be embedded anywhere in the document.

100% compatible We create your eBook with the most extended and updated standards, so that it is compatible with all reading devices. Each platform and device has its quirks, but it's not something to worry about. At Copy Drana S.L. We will create a single file in ePUB format, ready to be played on all modern devices. Whether it's electronic ink readers, tablets, smartphones, or even laptops or desktops, your work will always wear the best clothes.

The Fixed-Layout ePub (ePub of fixed layout) and ePub reflowable (ePub of fluid layout) have important differences that makes them special in different contexts.

Rechargeable: Adaptable, flowable; the text is dynamic, repagitable, because it adjusts according to the screen from which it is accessed and the user can modify the type and size of the font, within the limits of the device and the specific design of the book.

Fixed: Static, closed; In the fixed layout, it is sought that the exhibition is exactly the one desired by the author, something intended in creations where the image is the protagonist, such as children's stories, photography books or comics. Note that the text that is part of an image cannot be modified or found by a search engine (unless it is described in the alt attribute, I suppose). Before creating the ebook, we will analyze the text and its audience to decide which type of flexibility suits you best and the specific format.


The ePub is a fairly complete format, which although it may not be the most suitable to present some things, it is the standard and this is the most important thing. Surely the problems will be solved in future versions, becoming a complete and perfect format for your kite. On the other hand, it is a format supported by electronic book readers that are currently on the market, an exception for the Amazon Kindle, which does not support this format.

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