Editorial services

We offer the client the possibility of taking charge of all the aspects involved in the creation of originals, always adapting both the responsible team and the creative processes to the specific needs of each project.

Our services include:

• Creation and treatment of texts: authorship, advice, correction and translation.

• Iconographic management: drawing, photography, retouching of images, creation of iconographic banks,…

• Graphic design of the products.

• Advertising support: campaign design, logos, marketing material, gadgets ...

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For the school:

Publications in the educational environment require a specialty adapted to the needs of schools, regulatory specifications and the market situation. Copia Drana, s.l. It has a very complete offer of services that also guarantees the phases prior to editorial execution with:

• Analysis of official resumes.

• Study of competition.

• Selection of authors.

Copy Drana, s.l. within the educational environment includes the complete design and realization of educational projects. We develop materials for students and teachers, classroom equipment, and materials for communicating with families, both on paper and on multi-device digital media.

We fully manage the preparation of these materials, which includes within its tasks the updating of advances in educational theories, with a team of specialists in psychopedagogy.

For impulsive sales: We also offer a complete process for making materials for various educational purposes and for working in the family environment.

We develop stories for language learning, for the practice of specific areas such as calculus or grammar, and for the education of skills such as creativity or valuable work.

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